Are Oscillator Devices products compatible with my MIDI controller?

Oscillator Devices products comply with the MIDI 1.0 standard and are therefore compatible with all common MIDI controllers. All MIDI inputs are isolated.

Which MIDI cable do I need and what is the pin assignment of the Mini-TRS MIDI sockets?

All Oscillator Devices products with Mini-TRS MIDI sockets are assigned according to MIDI TRS type A. This is the official MIDI standard for MIDI TRS. (See also https://minimidi.world).

What is the latency on the MIDI Thru port?

Prior to 2024 all Oscillator Devices products had software MIDI Thru with a latency between one and two characters (approx. 0.5 ms). From the end of 2023 all products are changed to a latency-free MIDI thru scheme.

I have special requirements, like custom CC messages, can you do that?

Yes, defnitely! Just get in touch. Change the MIDI CC number, to avoid collisions and save MIDI channels, for example, is no problem.


I want to upgrade effects device XYZ, is that possible with the Imp/Goblin?

In most cases it is possible. Here is a list of effects devices that have already been successfully upgraded:

ManufacturerModelMIDI DeviceFunction
Black Arts Toneworks Raw Heart ODGoblin-3PDTMIDI-Bypass QM + WB
BossSY-1Goblin-SPSTMIDI-Bypass + Pitch + Tempo (EXT CTL)
BossDS-1/BD-2/OD-3 etc. Goblin-SPSTMIDI-Bypass
Earthquaker Devices Hoof/Dunes/Plumes etc. Imp-3PDT (v1)
Imp-SPST (v2)
Earthquaker Devices Palisades Goblin-SPSTMIDI-Bypass + Channel 2 + Boost
Electro Harmonix Big Muff/East River Drive/Glove etc. Imp-3PDTMIDI-Bypass
Electro Harmonix Nano POG/Freeze Imp-SPSTMIDI-Bypass + Hold
Electro HarmonixPitch ForkGoblin-EXPMIDI-Bypass + Hold + Pitch + Mode Switch
Electro Harmonix Memory Man Hazarai Goblin-3PDTMIDI-Bypass + Tap Tempo via MIDI-Clock or Presets
Electro Harmonix POG2Goblin-3PDTMIDI-Bypass + Presets
GFI Systems JonassusGoblin-SPSTMIDI-Bypass + Channel-Switch
Ground FXRavager/Boneflower Goblin-SPSTMIDI-Bypass + Boost
JHSMorning GloryImp-SPSTMIDI-Bypass + Red Remote
Lichtlaerm Altar/Ritual etc. Goblin-SPSTMIDI-Bypass + Boost
OBNE Dark Star Goblin-SPSTMIDI-Bypass
Strymon El Capistan/Flint/DIGGoblin-SPSTMIDI-Bypass + Tap Tempo + Favorite Switch
Universal AudioStarlight/Golden/AstraGoblin-SPSTMIDI-Bypass + Tap Tempo/Preset
Walrus Audio Iron Horse v2Imp-3PDTMIDI-Bypass
Walrus Audio MonumentGoblin-SPSTMIDI-Bypass + Tap Tempo via MIDI-Clock
WamplerClarksdale/Pantheon etc. Imp-SPSTMIDI-Bypass

Here are the most common reasons why installation is not possible:

  • No room: The most common reason is lack of space. In addition, installation in housings smaller than 1590B is rarely possible.
  • The 3PDT switch is used to attach parts of the effect board and can therefore not be replaced. It’s possible to fasten the board with separate standoffs, but this is very time-consuming and is only worthwhile in the rarest of cases.
  • Special switches: Some manufacturers use switches with special functions, e.g. TC Electronics. Installation is usually not possible here.

I want to upgrade effects device XYZ, which version of the MIDI upgrade do I need?

That’s easy:

  1. Does the effects device have one or more switches that you want to operate? Single switch = Imp, Multiple switches or special functions = Goblin.
  2. Does the effects device have one or more 3PDT true bypass switches? Then you need the 3PDT variant (Imp-3PDT, Goblin-3PDT).

I read the installation manual but I’m still completely lost. What can I do?

For that case there is an addition to the installation manual that explains concepts, measurements and the configuration in detail. Also, for the Goblin-SPST and the Goblin-EXP exist detailed explanations which can also be useful for other pedals. Finally there are installation videos for the Imp-SPST and the Imp-3PDT.

I am a manufacturer of effects devices and would like to integrate MIDI functionality into my products. Is there a version that is suitable for this?

The Goblin-3PDT is ideal for this because its connections are arranged in a 2.54 mm grid and therefore suitable for conventional pin header. Because of that there is no wiring, the Goblin-3PDT is simply plugged onto the circuit board.

I am a manufacturer of effects devices and would like to integrate MIDI functionality into my products, but would like to design my own hardware. Is that possible?

Yes, it is possible to only order the preprogrammed microcontroller. Hardware design support and commissioning support included.

I want to use multiple Imp-3PDTs in a pedal. Can they be daisy chained?

No, unfortunately not. To save space, the second series Imps have no outgoing MIDI signals. But you can use the Imp-THRU, a small 4-way MIDI splitter, that fits into the pedal to connect up to four Imps.

Garbage Collector

Can the Garbage Collector also be used as a channel switch on my amp?

Yes. But be careful with the voltage levels. With modern amps it should be no problem. As long as +5V are not exceeded there are no problems.
Vintage Amps on the other hand often have AC with more than 5V on the channel switch. For that there is a switch for every port on the inside, to disable the expression function and disconnect GND from the Jack. Then the port is able to switch +-60V. This does not apply for the Garbage Collector Mini.

Is the Garbage Collector compatible with each expression input?

The Garbage Collector is compatible with almost every expression input. The exception are expression inputs with more than 5V, which are very rare. The ones that I encountered mentioned explicitly that only a specifically made expression pedal might be used.


Can the Hydra be used as an extension for e.g. Boss ES, Musicom EFX, GigRig G2/3?

Yes, absolutely. As long as you can trigger MIDI messages from your loop switcher, you can use it as extension. If you want to use the buffer of your loop swticher, just plug the output of your loop switcher into the input of the Hydra. If you want to make use of the true bypass functionality of the Hydra, you might want to put the Hydra before your loop switcher.