MIDI Mod Bundle for Universal Audio (UAFX)


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This bundle is a ready-to-install MIDI mod for Universal Audio Pedals. It includes:

  • Goblin-SPST MIDI mod pre-configured for either UAFX Starlight, Golden or Astra, or for any other UAFX pedal.
  • A 3D printed mounting bracket for fastening of the Gobin-SPST inside the pedals.
  • One isolated Mini TRS sockets as MIDI in socket.

The UAFX Starlight, Golden and Astra need a special configuration, to deal with the preset function. For all other UAFX pedals, select the standard UAFX configuration, which sets the configuration for the correct LED thresholds and polarity.

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Weight 0,050 kg
Dimensions 49 × 20 × 7 mm

Starlight, Golden, Astra Configuration, Standard UAFX Configuration