Imp & Goblin – MIDI Mod

The Imp & Goblin devices are MIDI mods for guitar, bass or other effects devices. Depending on the effects device it is installed in and what Imp or Goblin you chose, it can do one or more of the following tasks:

  • MIDI controllable bypass
  • MIDI clock synchronous switching and/or Tap Tempo
  • Controlling functions for external switches via MIDI
  • Emulate an MIDI controlled expression pedal
  • Controlling encoders such as the preset wheel of the EHX POG2

All Imps and Goblins have the following features:

  • Compatible with all MIDI 1.0 compliant controllers
  • MIDI channel can be set using the controlled switch

The possibilities are nearly endless. The beloved, old vintage overdrive pedal that should somehow be added to the MIDI setup. The old delay that should be synchronized to MIDI clock. The one pedal for which there is no loop left, or the multi channel preamp that should change channels via MIDI.

The main difference between the Imp and Goblin MIDI mod is that the Imp is very basic and controls only a single switch, while the Goblin is more elaborate being able to control up to three switches and various special functions.

To learn more about how these MIDI mods work and which one you actually need head over to the individual pages: