MIDI Mod Bundle for Electro Harmonix Pitch Fork


Ships in 1 to 2 weeks



This bundle is a ready-to-install MIDI mod for the Electro Harmonix Pitch Fork. It includes:

  • Goblin-EXP MIDI mod pre-configured for the Electro Harmonix Pitch Fork for controlling bypass, mode (up, down, dual) and pitch via the expression function.
  • A 3D printed mounting bracket for fastening of the Gobin-EXP inside the Pitch Fork.
  • A 3D printed dummy plug, for inserting into the expression input to keep the contacts open
  • Two isolated Mini TRS sockets as MIDI in and MIDI Thru sockets.

Attention: This mod gets replaced by the Goblin-SPST-2.0 soon, that offers full control over every parameter. Expected around mid July 2024.

Additional information

Weight 0,050 kg
Dimensions 48 × 42 × 24 mm