Trash Panda – Expression Pedal Splitter

The Oscillator Devices Trash Panda is a series of MIDI controllable expression pedal splitters. Plug in your expression pedal and control up to four effects devices with expression pedal inputs. All functions are controllable via MIDI, even the position of the expression outputs. The expression outputs can also be internally controlled by a LFO, that is synced to MIDI clock.


  • Control up to four expression outputs with a single expression pedal
  • MIDI control of all functions
  • Presets for controlling multiple ouputs
  • Calibration of the expression pedal
  • LFO waveforms to drife the expression outputs
  • Selectable MIDI channel
  • Compatible with all MIDI 1.0 compliant controllers
  • High-quality Amphenol sockets
  • Developed and handbuilt by Oscillator Devices in Germany

Differences between the models

OutputsEXP InputMIDI ThruDimensions*
Dual2YesNo100 x 50 x 31 mm
Quad4YesYes119 x 94 x 34 mm

*Dimensions of the enclosure without sockets and switches

Garbage Collector EXP

The Garbage Collector EXP is an entirely different beast. It features four expression outputs that can be controlled by an expression pedal and by MIDI at the same time.

Example connections of the Garbage Collector EXP

With the two footswitches, you can cycle through the four expression outputs and choose which one is controlled by the expression pedal connected to the expression input. Alternatively you can set up one of the 8 presets and control every possible combination of the expression outputs at the same time. You can even invert heel and toe position individually.

Of course the Garbage Collector EXP can be used as MIDI only device, without an expression pedal. Every expression output can be controlled individually by CC commands, or can be driven by the integrated LFO waveforms.


All three Garbage Collectors have an internal, MIDI clock synchronous, LFO engine with three different waveforms to drive the MIDI to expression converter. Choose between sine wave, square wave or saw tooth in both directions. The speed of the waveforms depends on MIDI clock, with one pass being either whole, half, quarter, eighth, or sixteenth notes. The waveforms can be further altered in starting point, amplitude and position.

Waveforms for the MIDI to expression converter
Three different waveforms: sine, square and sawtooth (forward and backward)

MIDI Connection

The MIDI sockets are assigned according to the official MIDI specification of MIDI TRS using MIDI TRS Type A, like pedals from Boss or Wampler. A 1/8″ (3.5 mm) stereo jack plug is used. The MIDI Thru socket is latency-free.

MIDI TRS Type-A to DIN 5-Pin
1/8″ stereo jack plug to DIN 5-Pin according to MIDI TRS Type A



User ManualTrash Panda Quad (September 2023)PDF