Garbage Collector Mini


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The power of the Garbage Collector with a tiny footprint. The Garbage Collector Mini is almost the size of a matchbox. It’s only 54 x 42 x 24 mm (not including the sockets). Like its big brother, it has an Config-Switch to set the MIDI channel and fool around with the basic function without an MIDI controller.

Besides that, the Oscillator Devices Garbage Collector is a MIDI controllable expression pedal and footswitch in one device. Effects devices with expression pedal inputs or inputs for external foot switches (e.g. tap tempo on guitar pedals) can be controlled automatically by the Garbage Collector via MIDI. The Garbage Collector can be synchronized with MIDI clock and thus synchronize time-based effects. It can emulate either a foot switch with tip and ring or an expression pedal.

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Weight 0,065 kg
Dimensions 61 × 41 × 24 mm