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The Oscillator Devices SIREN is a Stereo MIDI Volume Controller. Its two fully analog channels can be independently set from -96dB (Mute) to a whooping +32dB boost. The channels can be split before, or mixed after the volume control. The SIREN has high quality, low noise buffers and is specifically designed to not color your tone.

The SIREN has two internal LFOs to drive the volume control. That makes it a full blown MIDI Controlled Analog Stereo Tremolo. Both LFOs operate completely independent. Different waveforms (Sine, Triangle, Rectangle and Ramp in both directions) can either be free running from 100ms to 1.2s, or can be synced to MIDI clock.

On top of that the SIREN supports Fade and Swell functions. While Fade slowly fades to another volume, the Swell function snaps back to the original volume when done, ready to be triggered again.

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The SIREN is temporarily out of stock. It will be back mid July ’24.

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Dimensions 122 × 72 × 56 mm